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    Kobuleti Tamo
    The Hotel komFo/rooms kobuleti Kobuleti is located in Kobuleti in an ecologically clean area. In Kobuleti there is a lot of pine, and it differs from its large eco systems and coniferous species. There is also the so-called peat-Kobuleti. This area is unique in the world for its high quality and excellent views.
    The hotel komFo/rooms kobuleti Kobuleti in itself has a 2000 square meters furnished yard, free parking. A café bar for the rest, where an experienced chef will serve you, and an additional function in the kitchen of the hotel where visitors can work individually preparing food.
    The reception is open around the clock.
    The location of this option – one of the best in Kobuleti! Guests pleased them more than the location of the other options in the area.
    Here, the best value for money in Kobuleti! Compared to other options in the city, guests get more for the same money.Dear customer! komFo/rooms kobuleti is the hotel where you can completely feel unforgettable exotic seaside and comfortable atmosphere
    + 995 595 203 804
    + 995 551 450 101

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